Scott Gallagher Photography 2016

Scott Gallagher Photography 2016

Emma Playfair in Food

"Playfair’s performance as Elma, a good plain cook simmering with bitterness,
is the highlight of the production"

Emma Playfair in AirSwimming

"Playfair provides the dominant energy . . . a very engaging performance"

Emma Playfair-3217.jpg

"Emma Playfair carried the performance with her expert comic timing and deservedly took home the award for Best Actress"



Emma grew up in Sydney, and from an early age, would coordinate weekly performances of Spice Girl songs to her parents, with the slightly reluctant assistance of three younger siblings. Moving to England, Emma landed the lead role in the school's production of Alice in Wonderland, and her thirst for theatre ensued, her siblings sighing with relief. Returning to Australia for the later years of high school, Emma starred in every school play and musical production she could.

Whilst studying Occupational Therapy at Sydney University, Emma performed in their dramatic society (SUDS), and continued to dip her toes in the acting world. After completing her university studies and travelling abroad through Europe with friends, Emma worked in an aged care rehabilitation hospital. When she found her time was spent more listening to her patients' stories, observing their behaviours and asking them advice from their own lives, Emma realised it was time to start living her own life's story. She was destined for another path, and tried her luck with the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

Since graduating from NIDA in 2013, Emma has spent her time pursuing the foundations of her career in Sydney, work-shopping plays with theatre makers, performing on stage, and furthering her skills in screen.

Since moving to London on 2016, Emma has created a Theatrical Production Company, "NewPlay Productions", producing two shows in the heart of the London theatre district; Airswimming (2016) and Food (2017).

Emma has just been granted the "Tier 1 Visa of Exceptional Talent in Acting" to continue her journey in London, and plans on having High Tea with the Queen soon.

Scott Gallagher Photography 2016

Scott Gallagher Photography 2016